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They work quite quickly. They seem to be very organized and the place is kept very clean. Everyone was friendly and no problem with communication.

Because I needed extensive work, a room was provided for us, clean and comfortable. They even provide transportation from the motel to the clinic. I was quite satisfied with their work

The cost was 60% less than what I was quoted in the US.


Michael liked the full service at Sani

“I am more than impressed with the treatment I have received. The surgeon, Dr.Oeding was superb and the hospital staff exemplary. I received the best physio from the head of the department. Staff were always available and scheduling went like clockwork. I am now at the apartment, and your rep has been in touch frequently which is very reassuring. She has arranged for a nurse to come to the apartment to check my vitals which is tremendous. It has been beyond our expectations, and I feel I would never have received this high level of treatment in the U.S.A., Canada, or the U.K. You did such an excellent job of putting the package together and giving us such great ground support on our arrival. Thank you once again.”
Barry, Florida

Barry, Florida

Eric - Canada“I am at home now and like you said, an AWESOME experience. The doctors and staff in Taiwan were amazing, best treatment I’ve received anywhere. Hope to talk to you soon. Thanks for all your help, it is greatly appreciated.”
Eric, Canada

Eric - Canada

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