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Passport Medical Introduces Hip and Knee Replacement Center for Affordable Orthopedic Surgery Abroad

PP.Medical.Back.of.BCNorth America’s leading medical tourism company Passport Medical announced  the addition of its Hip and Knee Replacement Center, a division dedicated to providing affordable orthopedic surgery. In addition to hip and knee replacements, the center organizes a wide variety of orthopedic procedures including hip resurfacing, shoulder joint replacement, rotator cuff repair, ACL repair, meniscal repair, and many other procedures. Board certified surgeons in Costa Rica, India, Taiwan and Nicaragua are already treating up to 15 American and Canadian patients per month and offer treatments up to 80% less than the cost of the same procedure in North America.

An estimated seventy-eight thousand Americans have a hip or knee replaced each year.  People whose daily life is affected by pain caused by hip joint damage are candidates for hip replacement surgeries. Osteoarthritis is the most common cause of chronic hip pain. Rheumatoid arthritis (an inflammatory disease that causes joint pain, stiffness, and swelling), osteonecrosis (bone death caused by insufficient blood supply) as well as injury and bone tumors may also result in a need for hip replacement surgery. Similarly, those with a knee damaged by arthritis or injury may find even the simplest activities, such as walking up stairs, excruciatingly painful.

Those with chronic knee and hip pain may one day find that non-surgical remedies—such as walking support or medication—are no longer giving them adequate relief.  In these cases, a knee or hip replacement should certainly be considered. The majorities of patients who receive a knee of hip replacement experience a decrease in pain and are more mobile, resulting in an overall improved quality of life.

Unfortunately, hip and knee replacements are extremely expensive in the US, costing up to $50,000 (not including extra fees for hospital stay, post-surgery physiotherapy, medication, etc.).  Although these procedures are covered for Canadians, the waitlist for surgery can be anywhere from 6 months to a year.  Hip and Knee Replacement Center provides not only a cost-effective option for orthopedic surgery, but a means of expediting the lengthy wait for treatment as well.

For many potential medical travelers, a common concern is that low cost of treatment will be reflected in the quality of care they receive.  This is far from the case with Passport Medical.  All facilities working with the Hip and Knee Replacement Center are accredited by the prestigious Joint Commission International (JCI), recognition for having top standards for quality and service in the medical industry.

Some of the top doctors in the world are currently working in partnership with the Knee and Hip Center. Doctor Oscar Oeding (Costa Rica) has been the subject of a Medical Tourism Association documentary following the successful double knee replacement of a Florida man, and has performed thousands of successful hip and knee replacements as well as other orthopedic procedures. Dr. Vijay Bose and his team at Apollo Hospital Chennai in India treat approximately 15 patients per month from the US and Canada and have treated over 800 North Americans in total.  He has been featured in major international publications and has performed the 5th most hip resurfacing procedures in the world to date.

Hip and Knee Replacement Center is an exciting new addition to the many reputable medical vacation centers offered by Passport Medical. Last year, Passport Medical sent over 800 North Americans abroad for medical procedures.  They were the 2011 winners of the ‘Leadership Excellence in Medical Facilitation’ award as a top global medical tourism company, and also featured in February 2012 edition of Delta Airline’s Sky magazine, a special on medical tourism.


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