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Medical Tourism Saving People Up To 80% on Hip and Knee Replacement

Senior Man Trying To Sit DownHip and knee replacements are now common produces for those patients with chronic arthritis, intractable joint pain, and disability arising from joint arthropathy. In recent years, obesity and arthritis have seen a sharp increase, leading to diminished quality of life and an increase in the need for joint replacement. The elderly population and the number of people retiring in the US are all adding to the patient load requiring hip and knee replacements. The basic aim of these joint replacement surgeries is to have patients debilitated by these conditions get back on their feet and live fully-functioning, pain free lives. However, the unrealistic cost of these procedures is a major obstacle in attaining joint replacement surgery.

The average cost of hip replacement surgery in America averages $50,000, whereas for knee replacement surgery, the cost varies between $45,000 and $75,000. This includes in-hospital care, surgeon’s and anesthesiologist’s fee, cost of the prosthesis, etc. However, with the growing financial constraints in America, these figures are out of the reach of most.

Quite to the contrary, many places in the world are offering affordable joint replacements without compromising on the quality of healthcare provided. Renowned institutions all over the world are providing affordable hip and knee replacements, and this just may be the answer to the problems faced by these patients. A typical knee replacement in Taiwan, for example, costs only $7100 with a week in a luxury hospital room, and the hospital is considered a ‘best bet’ by independent reviews as one of the top joint replacement centers globally. Another renowned destination is India, especially Chennai, which has similar pricing and sees hundreds of North Americans every year for affordable joint replacements. Replacement surgeries in Costa Rica and Nicaragua offer a 60-80-% reduction in cost when compared to the US as well, and both receive many American and Canadian patients.

Affordable and High Quality Hip and Knee Replacements abroad 

Needless to say, affordable joint replacements are being offered all over the world which may substantially decrease the financial burden on patients requiring hip and knee replacements, hip resurfacing, and other orthopedic procedures. To learn more, contact Hip and Knee Replacement Center, the winner of the 2011 “Leadership Excellence In Medical Facilitation” award, North America’s leading provider of affordable, safe orthopedic procedures in world-class global hospitals.

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