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Although it is inevitable that you will experience some culture shock if you stray too far from the top accredited private hospitals, India is currently one of the top destinations in the world for medical tourism.   From almost nothing a decade ago, it is estimated that over 600,000  medical tourists now travel to India to seek healthcare every year. As India is one of the destinations offering the best value for money in world-class, accredited private hospitals, the medical tourism industry is expected to continue to grow.  Major centers like Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad all have world-class hospitals to serve the medical tourist.

India Medical Care

The extremely low cost of healthcare is not the only driving force for medical travel to India. The level of healthcare service in the leading hospitals and medical centers is equivalent to Western countries like the US, Canada, and the UK and superior to most Asian countries. Patients from Western countries who are treated in hospitals accredited by The Joint Commission International (JCI) will experience high standard of care by physicians usually trained in Western countries like the UK.

Our Doctor

Our orthopedic surgeon is probably one of the most well-known surgeons in the world treating medical tourists.  Dr. Vijay Bose and his team at Apollo Hospital Chennai treat approximately 15 patients per month from The United States and Canada and have treated over 800 North Americans in total.  Dr. Bose is an eminent specialist on the Birmingham hip resurfacing procedure and has performed the 5th most hip resurfacing procedures in the world to date.  He has been featured in major international publications and media and is highly sought by international patients.

Our Hospital

Apollo Hospital Chennai was established in 1983 and is the flagship hospital of the Apollo group, the largest medical group in Asia. It is now one of the top hospitals in the world for medical tourism and specializes in cutting-edge procedures.  Apollo Hospital Chennai was the first hospital in southern India to be accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the ‘gold standard’ in international healthcare, and it has been designated as a ‘Center of Excellence’ by the Indian government.  The hospital also has a new ‘Platinum Ward’ for international patients specifically designed for orthopedic recuperation.

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