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Hip and Knee Replacement Center: Your Global Orthopedic Specialist

Other-Procedures2-150x150Hip and Knee Replacement Center is the answer to all of your orthopedic needs.  With millions of Americans uninsured or under-insured, with wait times sometimes reaching into years in Canada, and with the costs of orthopedic procedures skyrocketing, people like you are looking for answers.  With out-of-pocket hip and knee replacement cost beyond the means of most, thousands each year are realizing that they can save up to $40,000 with treatment at one of our renowned global hospitals.  All of our hospitals are considered to be the top orthopedic institutions in their respective country, and all are accredited by The Joint Commission International (JCI), the ‘gold standard’ in international healthcare.  Whether you’re looking for affordable hip and knee replacement cost, affordable hip resurfacing, shoulder joint replacement, or ACL repair, we can help.  Our clients are looking for qualityaffordability, and safety, and we deliver.


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