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Hip and Knee Replacement Center: A Name You Can Trust

Why Hip and Knee Replacement Center?

Leadership-Award-Recipient-2011-SealAs medical travel, or medical tourism, becomes more popular as as option to skyrocketing healthcare costs, websites for companies seem to sprout up every day.  But how do you know who to trust, who has a proven record of success, and will be your advocate through the process?

Hip and Knee Replacement Center and Passport Medical is considered the leading medical travel company in North America by industry leaders. 

Hip and Knee Replacement Center Accomplishments

Some of our accomplishments include:

  • Winner of ‘Leadership Excellence in Medical Facilitation’ award as the top international medical tourism company;
  • Over 2000 patients successfully managed since 2009;
  • Keynote speaker and workshop leader for medical tourism companies at theWorld Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress in 2011, the largest conference of its kind in the world;
  • webinar leader for The Medical Tourism Association as a ‘success story in medical tourism;’
  • Keynote speaker at the 2011 International Medical Travel Business Summit in San Jose, Costa Rica;
  • Keynote speaker at an upcoming tourism summit in Geneva, Switzerland;
  • Keynote speaker at an upcoming international medical tourism conference in Tapei, taiwan
  • Featured in Delta Airline’s Sky Magazine special on medical tourism;
  • Featured guest and commentator on medical tourism for a radio program heard in 5 countries;
  • Frequently asked to write articles for The Medical Tourism Magazine;
  • Our patients will be the topic of a documentary being produced for national television;

With all of these accomplishments, Hip and Knee Replacement Center and Passport Medical is the only choice for your overseas orthopedic procedure.  To start learning more about how you can access affordable healthcare, Contact Us now.

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