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Costa Rica

Costa-RicaCosta Rica Overview

Costa Rica is usually considered one of the top destinations in the world for medical tourism.  Located in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rica is only 2 1/2 hours from Miami.  Having abolished its standing army 40 years ago, Costa Rica is a very safe and healthy country blessed with abundant natural resources as well as medical resources.  It also has a life expectancy almost a year more than in the United States which can be partly attributed to its great medical care.

Costa Rica Medical Care

To many people’s surprise, Costa Rica medical care is ranked higher than U.S. healthcare by The World Health Organization (WHO).  Although the country has a universal healthcare system, there are also three private hospitals accredited by The Joint Commission International (JCI), the international arm of the same body that accredits 18,000 US health facilities.  JCI accreditation is considered to be the ‘gold standard’ in international healthcare.  Tens of thousands of people travel every year from the United States and Canada to take advantage of the high quality medical services in areas like orthopedic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and dental care.

Our Doctor

Our surgeon is a very well known orthopedic surgeon who counts almost 25% of his patients from the United States and Canada.  He has been the subject of a Medical Tourism Association documentary following the successful double knee replacement of a Florida man.  He has performed thousands of successful hip and knee replacements, as well as other orthopedic procedures.

Hospital Clinica Biblica

One of our Costa Rican hospitals has been listed as one of the top choices in the word for orthopedic surgery by independent books on medical tourism and was recently voted the top medical tourism hospital in Costa Rica. Hospital Clinica Biblica is accredited by The Joint Commission International.

Hospital La Catolica

Our other hospital is the only hospital in Costa Rica that has its own on-site hospital-hotel for optimal patient recovery.  Hospital La Catolica is also accredited by The Joint Commission International, the ‘gold standard’ in international healthcare and the benchmark in the industry.



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