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About Us

Hip and Knee Replacement Center:  Industry Leader

Hip and Knee Replacement Center is the leading North American company providing quality, affordability, and safety in global orthopedic care.  With offices in The United States and Canada, Hip and Knee Replacement Center organizes a wide variety of orthopedic surgeries with the very best board certified surgeons in Costa Rica, India, Taiwan, and Nicaragua, saving you up to 80% off the high cost of treatments in North America at Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals.  Thousands of North Americans each year already know this secret to saving tens-of-thousands of dollars.

Hip and Knee Replacement Centers – A Name You Can Trust

Hip and Knee Replacement Center is the award-winning leader that has been recognized internationally for its commitment to positive patient experience.  As a winner of the “Leadership Excellence in Medical Facilitation” award, and a frequent keynote speaker at various international medical tourism conferences, you can be assured your orthopedic experience will be planned with the utmost care and attention.  We are the recognized industry leader in medical tourism.

Why Traveling For a Hip and Knee Replacement Makes Sense

  • Savings up to 80% on affordable joint replacement or other orthopedic surgeries, even after travel, accommodations, and insurance;

  • Orthopedic surgeons considered the leaders in their field in their respective country, often trained at top US, Canadian, and European institutions;

  • Renowned global hospitals considered to be ‘best bets’ globally for orthopedic care;

  • No added cost for our services;

  • The majority of packages include physiotherapy for optimal recovery’

  • Medical complication insurance available with every package for your peace of mind;

  • An opportunity to recuperate in relaxing surroundings and enjoy a value-added experience;

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