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What is all included when I travel for a hip or knee replacement to Costa Rica and how much will I save?

Quality of treatment, affordable cost with great savings and a delightful travel experience are the three qualities that sum up what travelling to Costa Rica for orthopedic surgery means. Hip and knee replacements can be quite an expensive surgery in … Read More »

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North Americans searching for affordable hip and knee replacements are choosing Costa Rica for surgery in record numbers

Orthopaedic surgery is progressively becoming an important aspect of healthcare for many North Americans thanks to their present lifestyle trends. Baby boomers growing to a very old age are on the increase. Despite their advancement in age, they seem … Read More »

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The Difference Between Hip Replacement Surgery and Hip Resurfacing

All through the last three decades, hip replacement was considered the gold standard for treating diseased or malfunctioning hip joints. Like all other joint replacement surgeries, it offers a new lease on life to patients suffering from arthritis or … Read More »

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The Demand for Hip And Knee Replacements for Baby Boomers is Rising Rapidly

According to statistics, an increasing number of men and women are having artificial joints to get rid of chronic pain. If you are going to get a new hip or new knee next year, don’t worry, as you are not alone. These days, baby boomers, … Read More »

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One of the first questions people ask is whether medical travel is safe?  One has to remember that these are not small clinics in backwater destinations, but major hospitals in each country’s largest metropolitan centers.  They are accredited by … Read More »

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“I am more than impressed with the treatment I have received. The surgeon, Dr.Oeding was superb and the hospital staff exemplary.

Barry, Florida

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